Where to find the Best Coffee in Melbourne

If you are a coffee lover, Melbourne is an awesome city to find great coffee shops and cafes. As a student or a traveler new in the city, finding places to for some good coffee could depends on how lucky you are.

Which coffee you could end up sipping?

There are several fast food chains in Australia where you get to buy yourself a coffee along with your burgers or snacks and most common names are Hungry Jacks, Mc Donald’s, subway and 7eleven. In all of these places coffee prices range from 1 dollar to 4 dollars and l can assure none are gonna taste much like “good coffee”.Still if you want to grab a coffee from the above easy option, I would recommend Mc Donald’s and 7eleven – the coffee tastes quite decent here. Now the other options you have among big names are Starbucks and Hudson Coffee. Surprisingly, I’ve not found Starbucks that great for coffee in Melbourne but Hudson coffee is quite awesome!


Now where to find the “real good coffee”

Now the best option to find freshly ground, good coffee in Melbourne is to take a walk around to find one of the hundreds of busy cafés peppered throughout the city. Independent cafés charge anywhere from 3 dollars to 5 dollars a large coffee and have baristas preparing fresh coffee which tastes nice. You can’t really pin point which is the best but there are several good ones and if you are very specific about your coffee, head to Yelp or Google places on your smartphone to discover the nearest best cafe.