What is Opportunity Shopping?

The term “Op Shops” have been increasingly becoming popular in the recent days and there are quite a number of OpShops in Australia as of today. OpShops stands for opportunity shops and aim at collecting money for noble causes.

Most major suburbs in Australia have OpShops and are usually run by trusts or organisations for charity. People can donate anything from plates to furniture and the ones in decent and usable condition are refurbished, cleaned and tagged at a reasonable price for others to purchase.

what is opportunity shopping

What can you Shop for at OpShops?

Even though the range of products and the value vary from OpShops to OpShops, almost all of them offer stuff at a great bargain. To get the best value from Opportunity Shopping, it’s good idea to sort the best OpShops in your area and keep visiting them occasionally as if you are lucky you can just find awesome deals.

The popular products you can find in OpShops vary from books, china, accessories, clothes, gadgets, bags, kitchenware, furniture etc. Even though it’s not the best place to shop for clothes (as they are used but dry cleaned), you could always find something of your interest each time you pay a visit. We will soon share a list of opportunity shops in Melbourne for you to consider visiting.

Where can I find OpShops in Australia?

Nowadays,  you can find OpShops everywhere in Australia, most cities have them around the popular suburbs and it has become common that people no longer dump their old (but useful) stuff, they donate it at Opportunity Shops so that it could become useful for someone else.

And as most OpShops contribute their profits to charity, it has also matured into a feel good gesture to be part of. You can find list of all OpShops in Australia here at OpShops.Org.