Travel by bus in Melbourne / Australia

The Role of Buses in Public Transport in Australia 

After travel by Trains (fastest) and trams (slowest), you have busses which ply to connect the least connected parts of the city where usually trams and trains don’t reach. Even though trains also cover most of the places covered by bus transport, buses still are popular modes of travel in Melbourne when it comes to connecting the city to different interior suburbs and streets especially from the train stations. Trams are specifically confined to the areas closer to the city and bus turns out to be a more common mode of travel as you move out of the city.


How to Plan Your Journey on Buses in Australia

When traveling by bus, you have to take care of few aspects like having a valid ticket and ensuring you are boarding the correct line of bus (buses have numbers as route here). To plan your journey, you can make use of the useful public transport mobile application which will show the bus timings from and to your travel destination. You could also cross verify this by checking the timetable at each and every bus stop before boarding.