Today I Opened an Australian Bank Account

Today was my first “day” in Australia and woke up really late. Never felt any jet lag because I had always trained my self to sleep at any point of a day! Woke up with a shiver, it was a very cold morning in mid-year 2013, but was warned by grandpa of the family I stay with, that this was one of the warmest mornings in the week. After freshening up, with the kid help of Varkey, moved towards the nearest Commonwealth bank of Australia, one of the best and commonly used banks in Australia.

The first look and feel of the drive through the streets of Fawkner was like a fresh breeze. It is difficult for me to explain in words, but the atmosphere is very different from what I have seen or experienced all my life, so different from my differently lovely home town. The entire street was peaceful, calm, windy and very chilly. There were not many people outside but several cars parked.

Account Opened with CommonWealth Bank of Australia

Soon proceeded to the Commonwealth Bank and I was greeted by the receptionist and guided to the person who would be assisting me with the account opening formalities. Basically, there weren’t much of formalities at all, they took my passport for a copy, took two digital signatures, asked and verified my details, contact information etc. In few seconds I received all the required information on my registered mobile and email Id. The whole process of opening a bank account was done in less than 10 minutes – that was awesome.

After reaching home, I cross checked and I was successfully able to log in to the bank’s Internet banking service. The account opening gave me access to two accounts simultaneously added to your dashboard – Netbank Saver and Smart Access account, not sure what they are exactly as of now, but may be later.

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