The Story of the 30 Foot big Mango “Stolen” in Australia

Came across a very funny yet interesting incident that happened in Australia. A 10-ton, 30 foot, 90,000 dollars worth huge mango structure went missing last Monday from Queensland. The structure was last found at the tourist information center in Queensland town of Bowen. Now we’ve been hearing news that it was a publicity stunt and the Mango was stolen by Nando’s – A chicken fastfood chain! 

Its funny to see to what extent marketing executives are going creative to send the message viral. Below is the statement and video from Nando’s on the Mango Flick incident. Sadly, different from what Nadoos expected, the public isn’t really happy about this kind of surprise marketing – check out the YouTube comments for more on this. Nando’s issued a statement saying it would “take good care of the mango, and would return it to its rightful position soon(ish).