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The Best Australian Banks for Students

To start off with, I want to make it clear that this is in no way a promo post and is purely based on student experiences and recommendations. Choosing a bank account is crucial and it is important as a student to find the best bank that suits your requirements as a student. The aspects we have considered to compile this review to share the best banks in Australia for students are:

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  • Bank’s availability and network spread within the major cities of Australia.
  • Student Accounts with no maintenance fee
  • Student credit card option available
  • Associated banking charges, fees and other cost factors involved.
  • Quality of service, features and ease of use.
  • Technology facilitating the banking services
  • Overall student experience banking with these banks.

After considering various aspects mentioned above and from our student team’s experience, below are the best banks that students could choose from. Please be informed that the below list is updated frequently and ever evolving. If you are a student and have used any of the banks below, let us know how

Option 1: Commonwealth Bank

Our first recommendation is  Commonwealth Bank of Australia as they have satisfied pretty much every requirements we have discussed above. The main reason being, they offer free student bank account with all the facilities you expect in today’s world of modern banking. Another reason backing their popularity among students in Australia is their wide spread of branches and ATMs. In addition, they have the best banking mobile application and internet banking website. They also offer student portable goods insurance and student credit cards. To summarize, certainly a bank to consider when you reach australia as a student.

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Option 2: Nab Bank

Yet another good option we recommend you to consider to open a student bank account. Even this popular Australian bank has dedicated banking solutions that would suit students. They offer good solutions for students featuring unlimited banking without any monthly management fees. They also have the facility of setting up your bank accounts before you arrive in Australia, especially for international students. We  recommended NAB bank for their service experience and innovative banking features like extended hours banking etc.

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Option 3: ANZ Bank

Another popular bank in Australia is the ANZ bank. Being one of the oldest and highly reputed bank in Australia, even ANZ offers free student accounts without management fees. Even ANZ offers tailored solutions for international students. The bank also has all the modern internet and smartphone app for banking on the move!

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Option 4: Westpac Bank

Yet another Australian bank you can consider opening an  student banking savings account. We have not had personal experience or recommendations sent to us by student readers on Westpac yet, however we have added it to the list for you to consider and share.

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Please Note: All the above listing and compilation are based on random student inputs and opinions and not official in any way. In addition, this article is not promoted by any of the above banks and the article is for information purpose. Please head to the reference links to their office pages for more details on the latest banking features and policies.