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A Good Starting Point..

If you are new to Australia or yet to travel to Australia as a student, this page should be a good starting point. I will continue to add key and more useful articles and tips for future and current students in Australia here. The below sections are classified for your convenience. If you have any questions, we are here to help, guide and recommend. Connect with us on Facebook or use the student discussion forum on this website to share and discuss. You could even choose to contact us directly.

Reaching Australia – All you need to Know Before reaching

Below are a set of very handy resource articles, experiences, tips and information that will prove to be very handy for you international students reaching Australia. Make Sure, if you find it useful, bookmark the same, save the URLs or like us on facebook to have the information handy.

Getting Settled down in Australia as a Student

Settling down as a new student in Australia is a BIG challenge when you don’t have all the right information handy. The sections below explains just that! All the information you need to settle down, find an accomodation, buy stuff for you and much more is mentioned below here:

Travel for students –  Public & Private Transport

Travelling in Australia is well networked and easy if you are in city and around the nearby suburbs. But in case you want to travel to the interior suburbs, private transport is the best. Hiring a cab and taxi could be quite expensive. Below are the key information about traveling and getting around Australia as a student.

 Student Job and Professional Careers in Australia

Finding a job and having a planned career approach is another challenge. Below are some useful information on how to find a part time job and the search process in Australia.

 Some more useful Stuff that could come handy