Setting Up To Fail 

Studying online is like getting an ‘out-there’ facial piercing!

Even though it takes more than one coffee and a little more pain to make the decision to apply… At the end of October last year, I decided to have my lip pierced. Before the clerk agreed to proceed she covered all the concerns and care required over at least the next two months. It was a series of scare tactics used to reduce the number of post-piercing complaints and I felt compelled to leave the store to give it another think-over for the hundredth time.

A coffee and a short ponder later, I walked back into the store – Let’s do it!

I had weighed up the responsibility and discipline required, and believed that I could manage it. I was right. Even now, months later, I still love it. Each time I look at it I smile. I made an informed decision and chose to do exactly what I wanted under my conditions.

standing to fail

Before enrolling

In my last entry, we featured an interview with mature-aged student, Janet, who completed a Cert IV over 1 year and is set to return to a new course this year. Even as a success story, it still raised the question on whether or not online learning is for everyone. Just like the piercing, we need to be aware of what is install for us before we make any commitment – unless of course, you like to waste your money and leave yourself with scar tissue!

Weigh it up:

  • What is involved in completing the course ie time required per week, units per semester, number of semesters?
  • Should I enrol full-time or part-time ie considering employment, family, health and other commitments?
  • What type of learner am I ie do I learn from reading, repeating, listening, discussing, doing? What resources foster this learning type?

Be Realistic!

Janet’s course had a once a week class, over 2 semesters, whilst working full-time and caring for her husband. On the other hand I have my double major as a full-time, four classes per semester degree taking place over the next 3 years, casual work and no one to care for but me. How are realistic are you being with your decision making?