Only Victoria Denies International Student Concessions

Today I want to share a sad fact that I came to know related to the International Student Life and Expenses in Australia. Education is one of the top income contributor to Australian Economy after Mining and that deserves some serious credit. Every year thousands of students flock into Australia for a better future and education. It is a great decision if things fall in place like magical proportions as there are several factors contributing to a smooth student life in Australia.

One of the major aspect that affects the comfort zone in a student’s life in Australia is the financial stability during the course of study. Australia is quite an expensive country where Melbourne almost tops the list when living expense is taken into account. It is quite a pitiful situation for International students in Australia (Melbourne specifically) to learn the fact that there is little support from the Victorian administration in offering support to reduce the living expense burden. From what I learned from PTBISInitiative Victoria is the only state in Australia which denies International Student transport concessions, which is sad!

It is great that there are communities like these making efforts to bring this issue for consideration to the notice of the authorities! Hope this should be heard and a change is to happen in the days to come! Let me know your thoughts on this! Image courtesy: PTBISInitiative (Support the initiative if you Agree!

Update: VIC now allows International student concessions for an annual scheme alone, well that’s better.