New On-the-spot Penalty Fares from Sunday 10 August

Fare evasion on public transport has decreased and it’s likely you are one of the nine out of 10 passengers that always travel with a valid myki. Thank you, your fares are an important contribution towards improving the network.But freeloaders who don’t pay their way cost the network $60 million each year. This money could instead buy four new X’Trapolis trains, 10 E-class trams, 12 VLocity trains or 150 buses.


So Whats New?

To ensure that all passengers pay their fair share, we’ve increased the number of Authorised Officers, installed new myki barrier gates at stations and introduced new On-the-spot Penalty Fares to enable more ticket checks, more often.From Sunday, 10 August 2014, passengers without a valid myki may be given the option of paying an On-the-spot Penalty Fare of $75.

Penalty Fares will not be offered in all circumstances, and the 12-month trial will only be implemented by Authorised Officers on the metropolitan network. For more information, visit and watch a video outlining the changes.