Must Have Gadgets for University Students

Life in the university is full of diversity with opportunities that come once in a lifetime. This is the place that most lives take sharp bends of all sorts. It is an incredible opportunity not only meant for academic advancement but also giving your social life a different approach. This is where you experience most of your personal growth. In the process of balancing personal life, your academics, social life, spiritual life and other aspects you will in one way or another appreciate trending electronic gadgets. These gadgets may seem unnecessary but they can make your life easier and convenient. They result to memorable life experiences. There are thousands of gadgets that any university student should own, but there are those that are a must have. University life without them is a living hell!


This is a gadget that everybody should possess. With all the affordable communication applications that are supported in a smart phone, how could life be without a smart phone? Without a saying, a university student must have a smart phone. You don’t have to buy luxurious models such as the iPhone Plus models. Just get a smart phone that supports basic apps.

Laptop / desktop / tablet

A university student should own one of these or more if you can afford. They both have common features only that a tablet has limited capability but you obviously don’t need them all. These gadgets are very helpful in taking lecture notes, web research, saving personal files among others leisure activities such as watching movies as you relax after a long day. Without one of these gadgets, doing your assignments can be difficult and you will be forced to borrow from colleagues once in a while.

Portable power bank / charger

If you don’t buy this gadget then the functionality of all your electronic gadgets is short-lived. It is well known that most gadgets can’t hold power for long hence the need for a backup. A perfect example is the smart phones. With their large displays, their power consumption is quite high. You will need a backup to ensure that your day is smooth at campus without having the need to rush to the power socket every now and then.

Charging rucksack

You look neat and organized when all your handheld gadgets are in one place. It also helps in avoid possible loss. This is why you need a backpack with a solar panel so as to charge your gadgets as you attend to your daily routine activities. The solar panels are capable of churning out 4 or more watts of energy enough to charge your smart phone halfway if not full.

Personal alarm

This is a must do especially for freshers, to help your follow your schedule. It also protects you from possible attacks. The gadget can emit a very loud alarm up to 130 db enough to draw the attention of everybody around.

External Hard Drive: Your day would be very disgusting if you lost all gadgets and never had a backup of the crucial files on an external hard disk. An external hard disk will be the solution to all your worries. They aren’t cheap but worth an investment.

Memory stick

This is necessary in swapping files from one gadget to another. They save time and can be used to store smaller files

A good music system or portable Bluetooth speakers: This is the best way to relax and enjoy your evenings or a weekend party after a long hectic week. Everybody needs a moment to relax, enjoy and have fun. This is why you need a music system. If you can’t afford one then consider buying headphones that can be used with your smart phone.

With these 8 must have gadgets, your university life becomes a pleasurable experience. They make life convenient and enjoyable. Appreciate the technology around you by having these gadgets. You will love their impact in your life.