Job and work permit for student in Australia

Prior to reaching Australia as a student you might have several questions related to working in Australia as a student to meet your expenses and contribute to your education fee. I’ll share my experiences and my knowledge on this matter today. Basically you are legally allowed to work part time as a student in Australia for speculated amount of hours every fortnight.

job requirements australia

Working during your Semester Period

If you are enrolled for a particular semester, alongside your classes you are eligible to work upto 20 hours in a week or that makes it 40 hours a fortnight and a total of 80 hours in a month. The Australian government allows us to do this to help us make some money to meet your living expenses. Considering a wage of 20 dollars an hour, if accumulates to 1600 dollars a month which is a very decent amount assuming you are living a student life. This 1600 dollars will help you meet your entire living expense for the month.

Working Full time during your vacation period

Closer to reality, even though most students quite easily manage to find a job quite quick, earning the 20 dollars an hour and managing to get all 20 hours can be quite a challenge!! Now, when you are not enrolled to any semester (like in your vacation period) which ranges from one to three months, you are legally allowed to work full time. This is the most critical time period of your period that let’s you make and save some decent money to aid your living and education when in Australia.