Ive Reached Australia – My Travel Experience

Finally today, I have reached Australia (even though I might publish this article a little late) and the journey was a bit tiring. I could not manage to find a flight from Kochi via Singapore and had to choose the one through Abu Dhabi and it was a long flight. The flight from Kochi to Abu Dhabi was approximately 2 hours but after reaching Abu Dhabi there was a waiting period of 15 hours before my connection flight to Melbourne.

The travel from India to Australia

Spent most of the 15 hours walking around the huge airport with several terminals and shopping malls located inside the very airport. Did catch some sleep at the Etihad lounge and somehow managed to spend time till 21:00 . The pre-boarding check began, headed by the UAE immigration department to ensure safe and legal travel. After checking everyone’s passport, visa and documents, they guided passengers to the boarding area.

There was a delay in departing from Abu Dhabi for Melbourne, mainly due to lack of of slot for the aircraft to take off (heavy traffic en route). After two hours of wait, the air plane finally joined the clouds and started cruising on course. The entire flight was pleasant and comfortable except for the long duration of 14 hours of idle traveling. Time flew and soon we were instructed to fasten our seat belts to touch down at Melbourne.

Landing in Australia and the procedure

In no time, I was walking down the terminal into the immigration department for passport and visa verification process. The Australian Passport control officials will now verify our passports and ask few questions to ensure you are a legitimate visitor to Australia. Then I proceeded to the Baggage claiming section, further into a baggage check section where Official Sniffer Dogs will examine all baggage for any prohibited items. The officials are very friendly and professional, we just need to cooperate with them to complete the procedure.

All the checks were completed in less than 30 minutes and finally I got to the main exit of the Airport and unlike the Airports I have seen till today(in India), this airport doors, differently led me to the main road and bus stops. The time was around 21:00 and the sight looked beautiful and moody in the dark feeble light. It was freezing cold, may be around 4 – 5 degrees. From the first day of reaching here, I must say, I miss my home and home town, let’s see if that changes…