is australia safe for students

Is Australia {safe} for Students? The reality

A hot topic when some incidents occur and the international media takes it over! Let me share my experience about safety of students in Australia, from what I understand. It’s been 8 months, I’ve been living in Australia as a student. I think that is good enough time for someone to comment on how safe is Australia.

is australia safe for students

Over the past few months I have been hearing incidents of attack on students. At least four to five incidents where students where attacked or had bad experience from intoxicated or technically drunk people. But on re flip side I know a huge number of people(including me) who still strongly feel Australia is safe for students (yeah, that will change when we have a bad experience).

From what I can understand, every place has it’s own ups and downs. You cannot just seal a stamp on a place based on what you hear from the media . Ah yes, you need to be really careful but not concerned about safety when you’ve got some basic safety etiquettes right.

is asutralia safe for students 

Avoid travelling & getting around late night

 Australia is generally very safe even during the night time. I have travelled from the city to my suburb very late on several instances. May be I had no one to blame if I was moving around late and sent invitations for trouble. It’s a good idea to be back early, especially when new to the country. Most of the public transport ceases after 12:30 or 1ish.

Know the place you are at or going to

In Australia , like many countries, different places have different places have different safety metrics. Talk to your friends, family and get to know about the place you are traveling to, especially in the night(day is never unsafe at all).

Give and take Respect

remember, you are visiting another country and you are expected to maintain at least a minimum decorum (otherwise too we are, as humans). Respect everyone’s space, time and be civil and you will be respected too. People here in general are really nice and gentle. Don’t worry about safety, you are safe.