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The reality about Internships for students in Australia

Internships! The current hot topic for students if you are in the penultimate semester of your degree or master program. First of all, if you are an international student it is not really easy to secure an internship and you really have to fight your way out with hard work and skill upgrade. Basically,there are two types of internships – paid and unpaid. Different universities classify these differently with varied names like industry based learning / professional practice / work integrated learning etc.

welcome to the australia student blogFor your last semester to complete the course you need 4 credit points and an unpaid 100 hours internship will fetch you one credit point, meaning you need to enrol three other subjects. On the flip side, If you were to secure a full-time paid internship, it would be a 12 week full-time paid internship in your own industry of study fetching you 4 credit points. That means you just have to work all the time and present required reports on the project you are deployed at.

You could find hundreds of internship opportunities lined up online and on websites by many big names like Deloitte, KPMG, EY, ANZ etc. Offering graduate programs and paid internships. The sad reality about this is that they do have some very specific criteria especially if you are an international student from a non English speaking nation.

The common criteria is either a (PR) permanent residency or an 8 each band for all parts of IELTS exam. Can’t blame them but this information is often found on the last page of their presentation which is quite deceiving. Otherwise, Companies like these offer a great opportunity to jumpstart your professional Australian career. The case above is from my experience as an Information Technology student. The case should be close in similar domains like accounting, business management studies also. However, it should be much better in the case of law and medical fields.

more about student internship opportunities after study

The bright side is, there are some great practical opportunities for students to quite easily secure an intern position for smaller organisations ( mostly unpaid ). Such organisations hire interns, and the good part  is you get valid Australian experience and a professional reference to support your future aspirations. Do remember that if you are doing internships which is part of your course, be it paid or unpaid, you are bound to pay your semester fees on time!