Use an Alternative University Library

Studying online and want to use the local university library?

University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) is an agreement between participating libraries allowing the facility use and borrowing by students of online or alternate universities. This is a great scheme which allows you to access material on hand at participating universities, and even meet other students in similar courses.

For more information on ULANZ, including which libraries participate, click here. Be aware that some universities will require an annual fee of $55 (inc. GST) before access is granted. For example Macquarie University of Sydney, requires this fee and the application to be processed online with the fee paid afterward onsite.

Tips to Improve your Online Learning & Self Help Skills

I visited my ULANZ library at the beginning of the semester and found one student already fast asleep in the middle of the library. His snoring was loud enough that some students were laughing whilst others rolled their eyes in annoyance. So, don’t forget to take a break when you need it this year and if you are a snorer maybe head for the surrounding gardens for your siesta!