school as a fresher

How to Start your Career as a Fresher

How old are you? 20? 25? And never had a ‘real job ‘before? Welcome to our generation. As you are slogging away for three to seven years getting a Bachelor’s Degree, Honors and Master Degrees the rest of the world was doing the same. After so many years of studying and mastering your chosen field you’re ready to earn a living that justifies all that hard work. You want that dream job secured and a salary that will sustain your lifestyle as a professional. Unfortunately so does millions of other graduates just like you…

How to Start your Career as a Fresher

Apply! Apply! Apply! …It can’t hurt!

Graduate programs and big multinational companies are great but the pool is big and you will be just another number going down the production line. If you manage to secure a job in a graduate program take the opportunity and run with it, after all having a formidable company on your CV doesn’t hurt. However, if you don’t seem to be getting anywhere close to those assessment centers don’t fret there are many SME companies that can give you a decent salary package and fantastic experience. Working in a smaller company will give you the opportunity to figure things out for yourself like your working style, strengths and weaknesses, there is no training budget so you will have to listen and pay attention right from the start. If you manage to survive the first few month’s chances are they will be depending on you to take on more responsibility.

Take a chance on me?

When you’re a kid you’re prone to try out many new things. You didn’t know if you would be good at basketball or if you would hate the taste of Nutella, not until you tried it out. As kids our schools and parents gave us an environment where we were able to try things out before making serious decisions. As young adults we forget that we need that space to explore, we make inferences about what we would like or listen to what secular view says is the best job to have. Explore your options even if a job doesn’t seem to suit your qualifications, only 27% of graduates work directly in their field of study. If you never open that door you can never be surprised!

Start those driving lessons!

You can study the manual of a car, watch every episode of Top Gear and be the biggest petrol head in the country but without any actual driving experience chances are you’re going to have an accident. Knowing your craft doesn’t mean you know how to apply that knowledge. Things aren’t black or white and you can’t measure your performance here by a Distinction, Credit or Pass. You’re predecessors may be jaded but their working experiences have given them valuable wisdom so steal as much knowledge as you can and learn from their methods. There is a reason they file documents in huge black files instead of keeping it on a shiny easily available USB’s.

You’re on the open road and there is a long journey ahead….
Don’t worry about the destination!