How to send courier or parcel from Australia to India

The best method to send documents or courier to India is undoubtedly through Australia post. I has several questions in mind while choosing a affordable service to send documents to indian after quite some research, i was convinced that the safest and reliable mode to send it courier to India was through Australia post.

Even thought there were several cheaper options, the different was not huge enough to compromise the quality of service and be assured.

The process to send the courier was surprisingly far to simple and overall it took me less than 5 minutes to confirm my shipment to India. On top of the ease of sending, the convenience of the service was commendable. There are Australia Post offices at almost every important parts of the city and some operate very early to cater the office going crowd.

The cost factor was also quite reasonable for express courier and my documents it costed me 45 dollars. I am writing this post after trying their service two times and rest assured, the courier promptly reached my destination in 4 business days!

Overall, I totally recommend Australia post in my experience to send your stuff back to India.