how to secure an it job

How to secure an IT career job in Australia?

Securing an entry into the IT industry in Australia can be a challenge, even for an experienced professional. However, I would be sharing this post from a student perspective assuming you have less or no prior experience. The most easily available entry points into an Australian information technology careers are the below:

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1. Basic level system administrator roles:

It is quite hard to secure even an intern position in larger organisations due to their stringent criteria of PR and IELTS scores, smaller organisations offer opportunities. With sound windows, Mac and network knowhow, you could secure opportunity with smaller organisations looking for casual or contract roles. Prepare your self for basic IT troubleshooting, system administration and basic break fix skills.

2. Basic web and graphic design:

In as short time as 2 months I secured a job in this industry and was not hard. WordPress and SEO are HOT skills here. Trust me, there are so many opportunities in this field in Australia. So if you are an expert in Wp, seo and graphic design you have a good chance for an entry even as a student.

3. Social media management and content writing:

This is yet another low skill requirement entry point with loads of opportunities. If you know to use social media, up skill yourselves to manage social brand profiles, run insight campaigns and write content, there are heaps of jobs waiting for you. This can be a great option English speaking international students and travellers.

4. Other niche specific experienced IT profiles:

Australia always respects and has demand for skill and talent. D you are an expert in any specific IT skilled niche, keep trying and for sure you can Atleast secure a contract role soon.

Take home: in addition to the above skills, most important skill in your arsenal should be your communication skills. Being able to communicate fluently is exceptionally important here to secure a job. Work on your communication skills, sharpen it and be ready. Go for any opportunity to secure and IT entry, even if it does not match your exact IT aspiration, then from there, take it forward in your direction. Do ask me if you have any questions, good luck! These tips have been shared by an IT Security consulting professional in Australia.