How to search and find a part time job?

After I reached Australia I realised how costly the city was and the living expense in here is really high. Finding a job as soon as possible soon became my first priority. Initially like everyone, I too started my search on Gumtree but soon realised that there were thousands of others doing the same online and it is very difficult to find a job online.

Especially if you are an international student without any experience, the few people who respond to you will also turn you down! All my friends who found job pretty quick were all lucky to have someone to refer them for a job. It is quite easy to find a part time job if someone already working there will refer you. Unfortunately l had no reference.

The next best way to find a part time is take heaps of printouts of your resume (make separate resumes for each skill) and walk down to restaurants, car washes, shops etc. and hand over to the owners. The best time to hand over your resume is early morning when the owner of the business is around otherwise it doesn’t reach them in most cases.

The key is to never give up easy or feel disappointed, keep trying and trust me once you find one job, it’s easier to make contacts and find better jobs. The work environment here is very demanding and hard as you are paid by hour and you are expected to work throughout your time there.

If you have reached Australia with some work experience behind you, great but that shouldn’t stop you from taking up any job, here every profession is respected equally. I personally has quite some years of working experience in IT but it even took me a while to get A car wash job! Time is money here and every hour you waste is wasted money. Wishing you all good luck with your job hunt and welcome to Australia!