How to get Apple Student discounts Australia

Being a student and managing your finance itself is a big ask nowadays! But as students, we have strong rooted opinion, taste and choice. This goes really well when you are at a stage to choose your next laptop, computer, iPad or any gadget. Students tend to appreciate design aesthetics, compact size and style the most and that’s why you find so many Apple and Mac devices around in our universities. Now, we have a major challenge while falling in love with the Apples that Steve left behind, it’s super expensive.

Apple student discount Australia

Recently we have been browsing around for the cheapest way to buy the best Apple products, especially during our student life. To be able to avail the “Apple Student Discounts”, you have to ensure the below few points before you head for the nearest tech store.

  • Student discounts are only available in direct Apple Stores
  • Student discounts are also available if you are making an online purchase
  • Don’t forget to carry your student ID card
  • Ask for any more goodies (some have been lucky in getting iTunes coupons etc.)
  • Enjoy your new Apple device!

From our experience while making the purchase at an Apple store, we got a 50 AUD discount. This could vary based on the product you are buying and what you are buying, so keep your eyes open for the best student offers from Apple. You can find student discount page here. And, this is not a sponsored post 😉