find accommodation for students

How to find Accommodation in Australia?

All of the major cities in Australia are for sure very expensive beyond any question! This makes it a challenge to find a reasonable accommodation while living as a student in Australia or while visiting. Now finding a cheap and affordable place to stay in cities like Melbourne and Sydney needs to be backed with good research and a tiny bit of good luck.

Finding the right suburb or locality for accommodation is the keyHow to decide where to stay at (location)?

Basically the rent you pay each month for your accommodation depends on where you live. Farther from the city, the cheaper it gets but it’s always better to find a place close to accessible public transport. The rent is calculated on a weekly basis and an average this could range anywhere from 100 to 180 dollars a week for a decent single occupancy accommodation.

What all to consider when choosing an accommodation?

It is highly recommended to ensure that your house share accommodation is legally registered with the council of your area and there is a clearly documented signed contract. Ensure to thoroughly read the contract, have a copy for yourself and then sign the contract. Also enquiry if the bills are included or to be separately paid as this could account for a good difference in the final amount you pay.


Most owners request a bond amount which is usually a months rent in advance that will be ideally returned to you when you vacate the home which makes this also an important aspect to an enquiry about. In addition, After sorting out the options you want to consider, it is a great idea to pay a visit in person and verify before confirming on the place you are going to stay at.