How Students Can make money from iPhone Photos?

Am sure all of you take several casual snaps from your mobile phones! With the latest smartphones like iPhone and Android OS phones offering great camera features, its not hard to take high quality photographs right from your mobile. Have you ever considered making some quick money out of these casual photographs that you click from your phone? Yes, you can easily make money selling these photographs. One Dollar Snaps is one such website that accepts contributors to submit their photos that could become useful for digital media companies to use as marketing materials.

Explore the opportunity by simply browsing the website and registering as a contributor. With each sale made on the website, you get a share of the sale amount from the website. Who knows, if your simple photograph sells a few hundred times a month, you have the potential to earn couple of hundred dollars right away! This is one another opportunity to earn money as a student iPhotographer or even you can push it by submitting professional photographs from your DSLR.