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7 Harsh Truth students should know before reaching Australia

Education is the next big Gold mine that the Australian economy has discovered after digging on earth for several decades and you as a student should know about your role In the Economy. Australia is one if the largest education exporters and student importers in the world today. Universities and educational consultants are doing an outstanding job in creating shiny new websites, colourful photographs and professional videos which say quite a different story to you before you reach Australia.

The story they say and the visuals you see are not wrong, they are real and I must say the quality of life here is superb. The infrastructure for students here is exponentially awesome to the quality of education. But what went wrong is the know the unsaid story before you reach. Am I scaring you? Nope, there is nothing scary here – you just need to have a realistic expectation and a heart to work your ass out (yeah and yet managing to get good grades).

harsh truths in the student life

Below are some friendly heads up for you guys before you reach Australia for studies.

1. In here Time & Space=Money

Yes, even if you are working, the wages calculated here are usually based on the hours you work. The life is really fast paced and you might not want to or expect your friends, family (especially) to spend lot of time for you. You have to learn to be independent. For those of you who are expecting to stay with distant relatives or friends, not a good idea unless you are willing to pay them. It’s quite straight forward here and you will appreciate that approach in most cases.

2. It is not easy to find a good job

From my personal experience and from what other students share, it is quite difficult to find a part-time job, especially when new. Back  home town when you search for a job online before visiting Australia (on sites like gumtree) you might find hundreds of jobs being posted daily. Don’t feel excited, remember, there are thousands searching too.

The just practical approach to finding a job here is to search for good references – friends or family. Another way is to take heaps of print outs of your resume and distribute it at local businesses where you live. But eventually,everyone  finds a job!

3. Spoon fed education is a Big NO here

unlike many other educational systems, Australian education is more of self-teaching. You have all the world class infrastructure to learn but you have to do that yourselves.

4. Time management and Lifestyle is a key factor

you have to learn to manage time and still stay healthy and feel good. Studies, work and friends – time management is what you graduate first in.

5. Living experience here is DAMN high

everything is so expensive in this country. An average rent for a single room for a student will be anywhere around 130 dollars / week. Average travel expense for daily travel would be nearly 130 dollars a month. A coffee would cost 3 dollars on an average (but the coffee will be awesome!) so on goes the list, but in short, look for burnt holes all over your pants!

6. You are gonna miss HOME big time

if you manage to find the time and look around in here, you will observe something about the lifestyle, everyone is running a rat race and they all compensate with a weekend party! People quite understandably have very little time for each other and that’s will soon become one good reason for you to miss your family. Give you family a big tight hug before you leave.

7. The take home

Now that I have discouraged you all so much with back to back reasons, I will end with a note – be prepared for a small struggle until you get settled. The best part about Australia is that everything I super organised and super super beautiful with wonderful people, so hope for the best!