Go Vivid in Sydney!

Looking for a cool way to break up study this week? Head to Sydney’s ‘Vivid’

Light exhibitions stretch from Darling Harbour across the city, including (and most spectacularly) Circular Quay. Even Chatswood is involved! Running from 22nd May to 8th June, there is plenty to see across Sydney.

It’s like drawing out the excitement of New Year’s fireworks over two weeks and a few kilometres!

Highlights include the tantalising transformation of Sydney Opera House, the hypnotic ferries lit up like disco balls and even the interactive structures in Martin Place which play sounds in response to touch. If you’ve got a spare $218, book yourself a 6pm climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (www.bridgeclimb.com) and expect an amazing view of the Harbour!

Need a break from walking? Visit the Argyle Cut at the Rocks, and take a lie down on the road to watch the BBC Earth Life Story playing on the ceiling – don’t worry, the road is blocked! The soothing voice of David Attenborough accompanies an exhilarating display of whales, peacocks and monkeys (not all at the same time, of course!)

From the Argyle Cut, stop in at FRACTURED FANTASY at the Argyle itself. The venue is having a range of themes including Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars, and features live music which can be enjoyed from inside or outside with the heaters. Get a brew and take a seat to enjoy the lights in style!

If you find yourself a little hungry or in need of a warm beverage, Martin Place also features a pop up bar and a myriad of food stalls. Alternatively, Max Brenner’s on Margaret Street is a definite hit. It is well-worth the wait so don’t be put off by the queue and finish the winter night with a rich, hot chocolate!

The biggest bonus of Vivid is that the event is almost entirely FREE. Some special events require tickets, however, you can enjoy a whole of lot of lighting without spending a dollar! Be sure to check transport as some roads will be closed, or visit on Sunday to take advantage of $2.50 bus fares!

For more information on planning your visit or what’s on, visit www.vividsydney.com.au