Working as a Freelance Student Photographer

Why Work as a Part time Freelance Photographer?

Finding a part time job when in Australia is one of the biggest challenge that a student could face, especially during the initial days. This is when the skills and knowledge that you have comes handy in finding a quick and rewarding job in this big city. Today I will share my experience on working as a freelance student photographer in Melbourne, Australia. Photography was always my passion and hobby all these years and never considered taking it seriously as a profession or working for money.

When I reached Australia as a student it was difficult to find appropriate jobs that pay decent within my own niche and expertise which opened my thoughts to try something different and I decided to work as a freelance photographer.

photographers job as a student
from a real estate photography work i did as a student

How to go about starting the business?

2014-11-22 21.37.25-1Soon I launched a website with few of my photographs as portfolio pics, listed down my services, charges per hour and finally took an ABN (Australian Business Number) to be eligible to work on contracts for businesses and families. I started off receiving couple of enquiries from the ads I posted on Gumtree and similar websites and started working for hourly wages. Even though I don’t personally enjoy photographing parties and weddings, had to do it for the sake of an income which brought at least some sort of satisfaction and learning. With time, I started to take up more gigs through my website, referrals and online search and it did offer a decent pay per hour too.

Another option you could consider making some money is by submitting your professional photos for sale on a stock photography websites. You even work as a freelancer, I worked with photography agency in Melbourne called as Partysnapper earlier during my student days for some extra cash and it w really a pleasant and refreshing experience between studies. Do check out their careers page and you might find a job as a photographer there too! Also do consider Real estate photography for RE agents as this is also an easy gig which pays decent.

If you have the spark for seeing things differently and know to handle a basic DSLR camera, even you could consider becoming a freelance photographer in Melbourne to make some extra cash to meet the ever high living costs in this expensive city. Let me know your experience or thoughts if you have any.