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Course Hopping – Your Student Visas cancelled!

If you are a student, you would have certainly come across another student who came into Australia to study a recognised course at a renowned university but soon switched to a cheaper and un-recognised course soon. This malpractice is  often termed as “course hopping”.

Students reading this, please be informed that every year thousands of visas get cancelled as a measure to counter this practice. This is a clear breach of your Visa terms and ethically against the moral vision each one of us is here to achieve.

Why do Students prefer to do Course Hopping?

Often, many students unlike the majority of international students, see Australian education as a pathway to reach Australia and then change plans. Education is one of the key financial contributor to the nation’s economy and each year, hundreds of thousands of students reach Australia for education. As part of the visa application process, students agree to have the substantial amount of money to pay the fees and meet the living expenses. Upon reaching Australia and changing plans to enroll in a cheaper course makes this practice a breach of terms.

What’s In It for me?

It’s simple, stay informed and aware of the dangers that course hopping could bring to your future and educational ambitions. Do not hop, and also share the same with your peers to make sure they stay away as well!