Chicken Parma – An Aussie dish you gonna love!

After quite a few months of  cuisine hunt after arriving in Australia, I’ve managed to find a few favorites, Chicken Parma is one among them! Parma is an easy going, yummy melted cheese topped fried chicken breast. The crunchy, juice dish is usually served along with fried chips (french / potato fries) and green salad with a twist of lime.

On an average, the dish costs any where between 14 to 29 dollars in a decent restaurant.  Even though it is priced more than an average burger meal, I can certainly guarantee you that it is quite filling. Some restaurants in the city even give away a complimentary bottle of wine with your meal. If you have been in Australia for quite some time, I’am pretty sure you’ve already had Chicken Parma, else just go for it!