Best places for cheap shopping in Australia

When I first reached Australia, out of my ignorance, I purchased a 220v converter plug for 20 dollars but later discovered that you can find the same stuff for as less as 2 dollars! It’s all about knowing where to spend your month that allows you to save your hard-earned money.

Reject shop

this is a chain of store in Australia selling almost everything you need for a rcheap price. Don’t mistake the quality for the name as most of the durables you purchase from here is of decent quality. I would say not to buy body creams, consumable stuff from here as you don’t want to risk. Many of the things here might be nearing expiry from what I observed but other stuff are of great value.


this is another chain of stores where you will find great value for money. I’ve purchased several things from here like work boots, clothes, socks, shampoos etc. The quality of everything except clothes is good here In my opinion. Another fact is that you might find almost anything here at a very affordable price.

Coles, Woolworth, IGA & Aldi

these are one of the biggest shopping chains in Australia and they are great for consumables (food and beverages), toiletries, grocery etc. The prices here are quite competitive. Each of these stores are good for different things, you might want to mix and match about what you buy from where. It’s a notable fact that Aldi comes up with weekly deals on items that make them a little different others and also offers great deal of products at a discounted price compared to many others in the market (I quite love Aldi).

Seven Eleven

 This is one of the largest chains of convenience stores in Australia. Even if you don’t find a bus stop, you might end up finding a 7 11. There might not be the best in value for money, but you’ll find almost everything you need when you are on the go. They also have a dollar coffee which is pretty popular! To be specific, they are the most convenient store offering products almost anywhere you are in the city or around at the best price for the convenience.

Op shopping (Opportunity Shops)

I’ve seen this for the first time in Australia. Expanded as opportunity shopping ls a great concept. People who don’t find a use for something they own ( ranging from clothes to furniture), come here and dump the stuff, the same things are tidied up and sold to others at a low price. You might find watches, blazers, belts etc for as low as 3 to 4 dollars. The key is to keep watching for the hidden diamond in the haystack.  There are hundreds of op shops in Australia when you find time a visit might surprise you about what you may find.

Online Shopping

Finally, some awesome brands online too I wanted to mention to buy products at a great price. Starting off by buying stuff off Gumtree (preloved things). Especially in your student life, if you are looking for something cheap and usefully, you might not really bother if its used product, what really matters is the price. That’s when Gumtree kicks in, you can find awesomely priced products, negotiate it with the sellers and directly pick it up from their place. Another option that works well here is sale websites like  Catch Of the Day, these guys often offer some amazing sale of products that can’t be missed out to grab some useful stuff like bags, accessories, etc. for a great price. Also, in most cases, if you are shopping online, almost every store accepts discount promo codes and vouchers that can save you money big time! So make sure you search for promo and coupon codes before you checkout to payment online.

Liquor land, BWS & Dan Murphy

these are the three best value store where you can find liquor at the best prices. If you do love enjoying a drink over the weekend, head straight here for the best deals, they see everywhere!