Australia is a Fine Country ;-)

Australia is a very developed organised nation when it comes to rules and regulation which contributes to a great extent making this country a very safe place to live in. Especially the major cities in the country like Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth etc. are very well wired to ensure accountability to every incident in the city.

In addition to this every individual, organisation and business are clearly identified and bound to several rules and regulations to abide by. Our main point of discussion here is, what are the possible common ways in which you could earn a bill (fine from the authorities). This could be very handy especially when you are a student or new visitor to the country.

Fine on the road as a pedestrian

both pedestrians and roadies are both expected to follow several rules while on the road In order to avoid a potential penalty or fine. While walking you should ensure that you always use the press button at all signals and wait for it to turn green before you cross.

Fine on the road as a driver

this is one of the common ways you could get fined and there are different flavours to it like: drunken driving. Over speeding, inappropriate driving, wrong parking etc. the fine amount varies with even the extent of over speeding.

Fine on public transport

This is another common and possible ways an individual could get fined. To avoid this ensure you are always travelling on public transport with a valid ticket. Often the checks are on surprise and can get you fined anywhere.

fines on public transport australia

Fined for being a public nuisance

Even though this is not very common, loud house parities and repeated complaints from neighbours could get you into trouble this way. The good part about this is every single time you get a second chance as fines are followed by a warning or two.

Several other ways

Even-though you have all the options to get creative and be fined in different ways, above are the most common ones. Have you got any that I’ve missed out, do shout below..