advantages of buying used car

Advantages of buying a used car for students

Having a car while living in Australia can make a huge difference to your life and can save a lot of your time. Especially for students, if you can afford saving two to three thousand dollars to buy a used car, you should certainly go for it.

Comparing having your own car with the public transport

Public transport is awesome, If you are only traveling within and around the city limits. But if you were to work in suburbs outside of the city limits or stay away, public transport can often prove to be a nightmare! It’s very difficult to find public transport when away from the popular routes in Australia.

advantages of buying used car
advantages of buying used car

Having your own transport when travelling to work in suburbs could give you a cutting edge advantage. When considering the cost factor, fuel in Australia is cheaper and you could fill up a tank full with your two hours of pay. In addition, the roads and vehicle condition being decent, you get a good value of the fuel as well.

Easy to find a good used car

Surprisingly it’s very easy to find a decent condition used car in Australia. You could end up buying a good car for a reasonable price of 2500 to 4000 AUD, which is great. You might have to consider few aspects like the km run, age of the car, required formalities like roadworthy certificate, valid registration and clean history. Stay tuned for more tips on buying a new or used car in Australia.