A day in the life of an Australian student

Even though it is difficult to define a day exactly for a student in Australia, I can give it a go. Each day is quite different from the other but pretty much each day is quite similar in many common aspects a student goes through. For any average student in Australia, each day is quite a challenge and often there is an effort to maintain a balance between work and study.

Time management is the key, especially for students who have to battle it out to earn their living expenses right from Australia and also try to save some money to contribute towards the humongous amount of fee to be paid to the universities.  The entire student life can be broadly divided into two – vacation period (the major chunk) and the Uni period. Considering a masters course, in a year there is approximately 2 trimesters (accounting towards 6 months of education) and one vacation (mostly an optional trimester) with a span of approximately 4 months.

The vacation period is dedicated to working and this is the main period when students earn some money to spend towards the fees. During the Uni period, you can manage to bundle up your study days to 3 days a week and take the other 4 days towards working part time. But the catch here is even if you have 4 days, you are eligible to work for only 20 hours as per the law. The remaining few hours can be again contributed towards your household tasks, catching up with friends and studies.

On an average day, a student spends pretty much of their time in the university towards the teaching hours, remaining towards catching up with assignments, projects and exams and the major chunk for survival. The time in Australia simply flies like a sonic jet due to the fast pace in life and so less time to meet the various tasks in hand. Let me know your experience and what you really feel about “a day in the life of an Australian student!