10 Most Common Job Options for Students in Australia

Finding a job becomes your top priority on reaching Australia as a student as living expenses are quite high. As labour cost is high in this country and wages are paid on an hourly basis, cost of living is sky rocketing. Even though not in any particular order, below are the most popular student jobs and it’s always great to know your options.

best job options for students

1. Restaurant & hospitality business

as there are large number of restaurants of various cuisines in Australian cities, it’s quite common to find student employees working in restaurants. The common job roles are as kitchen hands, waiters, bar staff, attendants and cleaners. If you are a student in the food industry, there could be many more option to you like chef and apprentice chefs. This is quite a difficult job and be prepared for long hours of work in a physically demanding and fast paced environment. Some of the popular names you might want to remember are Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, Nandoos, red rooster, sumo salad, subway, KFC

2. Retail & warehouse staff

There are several big and small retail chains and warehouses in Australia. Students often find job here as store person, billing counters, stock persons, cleaners etc. Some of the common business names you want to remember are Coles, Woolworth, 7eleven, Kmart, ALDI, reject shop, Safeway. This is by far one of the most comfortable and less physically demanding job role.

3. Office & residential cleaning industry

This is yet another popular industry you could quickly find a job in. You could either directly work as an employee to a cleaning company or register an ABN to work as a sub-contractor for a cleaning contractor. This job could be more of a relaxed environment and involves vacuuming, mopping, window cleaning etc.

4. Health and Aged care

This could be a great option if you are already in the health industry and your study is related. You might have to clear some easy certification to be able to work in this industry but it is quite well paid. Most importantly, choose this job option if you genuinely care for people and ready to have a service oriented approach. Some of the common employers are hospitals, aged care organisations etc.

5. Car wash & Automotive Industry

There are huge number of car washes in Australia and most of them are almost always quite busy. It is quite easy to find jobs in car washes as there is not much of training or skills required and there are several washes in Australian cities. The job could be physically demanding and try to avoid this job during summer period, otherwise a good option to start off.

6. Student freelancer jobs

Be it any industry, Australia always welcome skilled professionals and especially when you are a student in the same field. Some examples are graphic designers, web developers, cooking, photography, health etc. There are several organisations and businesses looking for student interns and freelancers. This is not a really difficult option to achieve provided you have the required skills, it is one of the best entry channel to your desired industry.

7. Taxi and Cab Driving

This is another popular option students consider while studying in Australia. Even though it is not on the list of recommended student jobs, it still is an option to consider. Finding an opportunity to work as a part time cabbie is an fairly easy as the requirements are minimal. You could work for any taxi owner as a driver with a valid Victoria drivers license. Please be informed that working in odd hours and long / tiring work nature makes it a difficult choice, especially among students.

8. Tutorships in Schools & Universities

If you are skilled and knowledgable in any field, most universities invite casual job applicants at Universities. Most common tutorship jobs include IT support, Networking, Medical and Nursing fields etc. This is one good part time / casual work opportunity that will certainly be a credit to your future career aspirations too.

9. Petrol Station Stores

There are several petrol stations across Australia that operates 24×7 and most of them have stores in the same place. Store manager / store employee is another popular job options you can consider to work at. Popular petrol stations in Australia are United, 7eleven, Shell (having coles express mini stores).

10. Petty Handyman Jobs

Finally, the last category in our list which could be a little physically challenging is working as a handyman. My employers and contractors who work in industries like building, landscaping, construction, gardening, cleaning, removals etc. all require handyman or helpers. Keep a close watch on the advertisements on website like Gumtree and you could find a quick casual job in any of these industries as a handyman.